Mini Frenzie



The “Tramontane Mini-Frenzie” Was developed firstly for my own 3 year old Son. Secondly because I think there is a need for a descent quality 16” to 20” Mountain bike.

Although it is currently setup single speed while we get some machining done, and my boy gets used to having pedals,,Mini-Frenzie utilises our same “DISA” (Derailleur Inside Swing Arm) system that it’s big brother has, less one cog. Making it 5 speed. Our DISA system features: Change gears while coasting. Use any brand shifter. Use any 6 bolt disc 20mm Front wheel as your rear wheel. Light weight, No drag, and user serviceable. All fully sealed from the elements.

The Mini Frenzie does not use a linkage actuated rear shock for its 3” travel like it’s big brother either.

Currently seeking interest for both 16” and 20” versions. RRP and specifications yet to be set, expect it to be around the $3000.00 AUD.

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